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Memeage and Movie Reviews

I'm a bit behind on writing up my movies for 50filmchallenge, so I sat down to do that, but of course I had to check my friends page first, and found some cool stuff on azriona's journal. ::grin:: So, lucky reader, you get movies *and* memes! ::grin::

leather boots
Leather Boots- sleek, trendy, and popular, you are
always dressed right. You sometimes seem fake
to people that don't know you. You enjoy
shopping and hanging out with your many
friends. [please vote! thank you! :)]

What Kind of Shoe Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ooh - I LIKE this result. Just like I love my boots! Oh, circumlocute, you must see this! But you're on holiday and probably won't see this. ::runs to leave it as a random comment in Kirstin's journal::

Next . . .

HUH? This must be wrong. (hedwig_snowy will vouch for that). Let me put on my EvilOverlord Hat (burgundy, with a big feather) and try again . . .

::contented sigh:: Ah - that's MUCH better. But what does that say about minions? You guys would never turn on me, would you? Huh? Erm . . . excuse me, hedwig_snowy, alpheratz and kvratties . . . just what are you guys TALKING ABOUT over there?!?!??!

::note to self - don't trust minions::

And finally:

Congratulations! You're Legolas!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

::another contented sigh:: Legolas. Good hair. And proof that stomping about on quests and such does *not* have to be done at the expense of good hygiene. Proof that it is not necessary to sacrifice fashion for comfort, even during epic battles and things.

Did I mention good hair?

Hee hee . . . if you've made it this far, you definitely deserve to read . . .

The movie reviews!

#15 - "The Ring"

This was a pretty good scary film. I often avoid stuff like this, as graphic violence squicks me, and I have a tendency to get creeped out by films and books and then be afraid to get out of bed in the middle of the night for a pee . . . ::grin:: but something about this one sounded good to me, so I thought I'd give it a try. It was creepy, but not unbearably so, and the mystery was interesting, with a surprising (but somewhat "huh?" inducing) twist at the end. And nothing overly gratuitous in the violence department . . . there are a number of disturbing images, but no actual chopping up of bodies or anything like that.

I did have one bit of trouble, though . . . while watching this film, the DVD crapped out on my about 5 minutes from the end. (GRRRR). So, I had to exchange it for another copy the next day, to find out how it ended. This was LAME, but oh well. In any case, I would recommend this if you want something creepy, but not too icky.

#16 - "Under the Tuscan Sun"

Hmnh. Diane Lane is starting to be my "alter ego" in films. I identified WAY too much with her character in the first half of "Unforgiven" (the second half completely left the realm of my experience, though. Okay - I should clarify; the first half was also out of the realm of my experience, but it's something I could imagine happening. Okay. Methinks I've said enough. Except to mention that Olivier Martinez is HOT ::grin::). And this film, also, showed Lane in a life that I could imagine myself in (although no Martinez). I could certainly imagine myself buying a villa in Italy - I LOVE Italy and fully intend to live there (at least part of each year) at some point in my life.

Hmnh - I've gotten off-track here, I think. This is a nice film about a woman who gets divorced and moves (on the spur of the moment) to Italy, and then how she gets her life (mostly the emotional part) back together. It's a nice film, but somehow not quite as good as I expected it to be. However, to be fair, I think this has less to do with the quality of the film as it does with the fact that I over-identified a bit with her, but was a bit annoyed with some of her choices (I'd have made different ones). Hee hee. It's sort of interesting to look at my reaction to the film in this way. But it is a nice story, touching and warm. Beautiful scenery. (ITALY)!

#17 - "Into the Woods"

Not strictly a film, but I'm going to count it anyway; it's a video recording of an onstage production of this musical by (Sondheim)? starring Bernadette Peters (wasn't familiar with the rest of the cast). I've wanted to see this for a long time and just never managed until now. It's a conglomeration of several different fairy tales all woven together (Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood, to name a few). The story was interesting, although on the whole I don't think I really liked the production. I didn't enjoy most of the music - too "modern" and, oh I don't know how to describe it, discordant (?) for my taste. And lots of it came across to me as endless (and not very exciting) recitative. There were a few exceptions (two sung by the two princes, and one sung by Peters), but mostly I didn't enjoy the music. Which is sort of a bummer when you're watching a musical. ::grin::

Funnily enough, in watching this, I was surprised by the turn taken by the storyline. I thought things had come nicely to their conclusion, and then realised that it wasn't the end - just intermission. Hee hee. So the second half came as a total surprise, and I had more trouble guessing where it was going. There were a few things that I found disturbing (going into spoiler territory now, so you might want to skip if that bothers you) . . . mostly involving the way the women were treated in the story ("treated" in the story, not actually treated by the other characters). Lots of the sort of misogynistic crap that exists in the original fairy tales (which is why I don't enjoy many of them now, but prefer retellings by folks like Gregory Maguire).

The part which disturbed me the most was when the baker's wife allows herself to be seduced by the prince, (who then leaves her; no surprise). Well, that's all fine. Okay, so she shagged the prince . . . but then, there's some sort of an earthquake, and she gets crushed to death under a tree. OMG I was SO pissed off by that. Simply stunned and fuming. Once again, we see a woman paying an unbearbly high price for expressing her sexuality. And what happened to the prince? Hmnh - he gets divorced and ends up with a new princess instead of the old one. It's so incredibly typical - and infuriating. After this, I started paying more attention to this dynamic, and it's amazing how much pain and suffering the women go through (all the main characters who die are women; and in the one case where one of the men is the killer, he receives no punishment, IIRC). Grrr. Oh well. I'll just go read "Women Who Run With the Wolves" again and stew in my indignation. ::grin::

I probably won't choose to watch this show again, either. Funnily enough, C didn't like it either (and he usually loves musicals). I think he was alternately bored and frightened. So, out of the house with "Into the Woods"

Oh, and btw, movie bits are x-posted to the film challenge.
EDIT - Gah. Someone at filmchallenge just pointed out that it's "Into the Woods" not "Out of the Woods." ::facepalms:: Have fixed. ::grin::
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