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Iron Man?

Okay, folks. All the buzz about "Iron Man" has gotten me curious enough to want to see it (even though I know nothing at all about the comic, except that I heard Iron Man himself is pretty boring, as cartoon dudes go). Here's my question to those of you who have seen it already:

Connor-friendly: yes, or no? He's seen all the Spiderman and X-Men films, Doctor Who, Hell Boy . . . it's not more graphically violent or freakier than any of that stuff, is it?



May. 5th, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
Tony Stark loves his ladies, but there isn't really anything too suggestive going on.

Violence-wise, I think it's on par with X-Men. There's probably even less blood.

I think if he's been able to handle all those things that you listed, Iron Man should be okay for him.

I hope you guys love it!
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