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Day 29: Glow Buddha

Glow Buddha, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

We have a winner! The official Project 365 photo for Day 29 is:

Glow Buddha!

It was close - as of the time I'm writing this, in the poll itself, there is actually a tie between this photo and Spokelights, but Amy's write-in vote in the comments pushed Glow Buddha over the top. Thanks to everyone who voted!

This is also my entry about our visit to the Maker Faire on Saturday. The short version: it was AWESOME and we are definitely going again next year if at all possible.

The longer version: It's a big convention for folks who like to make things - tinker with electronics, crafts, machines. Any sort of DIY thing you can imagine, someone was doing it at the Maker Faire. We learned about it from joyliveshere and happy_potterer, who went last year (and posted the infamous "tin-foil hat" photo as proof of trauma they put their daughter through); this year we decided to go along with them (so I could try and traumatize my own child. I was reasonably successful, as one of the photos will show). I also came home inspired to do more "making" of my own. I am determined to build my own small Tesla coil someday soon!

Instead of writing about it all here, I've done that in the captions of the photos in my Flickr set: Maker Faire

So, go have a look. We had a fantastic time! :)

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