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Pimping the Evil Overlord Meme

Not only gacked from, but created by azriona . . .

At last! A meme that's perfect for me! (Right, hedwig_snowy)?

What kind of evil overlord will I be? by azriona
Favorite Food
Your WeaponVampires. Lots of Vampires.
Your SidekickHairless cat
Your NemesisHarry Potter
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

Mwhahahahahaha! Me and my evil hairless cat! Yes! And this must be proof that Snape is, indeed, a vampire (and one of *mine*)! That poor Potter kid won't have a chance, not with me and all my faithful minions. And hairless cat. Let's not forget the hairless cat. Damn, I'm even scaring myself with the thought of carrying that cat around with me. ::shudder::
Tags: friends, memes

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