Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

Project 365, Day 49 - Difficult Shot

Day 49 - Difficult Shot, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

This week's Photo Friday challenge is "Difficult Shot," and that seemed like a good excuse to pull out my DIY high-speed flash unit and play around with water.

This shot was taken by manually triggering the flash unit; next time, I might try and rig a laser pointer to act as a motion sensor, and see what sort of results I get with that. I'm really happy with the way this shot came out, and there are many others I liked, as well. You can see them in this Flickr photo set.

ETA: I've decided to use a different photo, taken later in the day, as my official Project 365 for the day. The focus is just a bit clearer on this one:

Tags: 365, photo friday

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