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Project 365, Day 53 - Sunprint

Today, unsatisfied with the high-speed shots I took (I tried taking some photos outdoors today, and got too many strange light effects that weren't making me happy), I decided to try something completely different, and take my photo for today without using a camera. :) When C got home from school, I pulled out a packet of photosensitive paper, and the two of us made sunprints. It was fun, and challenging to find things which would actually make an attractive print.

Of the ones I did, these are my two favorites:



Fern (with Lavender and Desert Sage):

Fern, Lavender & Desert Sage

Trouble is, I can't decide which one I like best. So, like I did with the photos from the Maker Faire, I'm going to let all of YOU decide. :)

Poll #1194925 Sunprints

Which sunprint should be my official 365 photo for today?


Thanks in advance for helping me decide. :)

ETA: Looks like Fern is the winner, so that will be my official 365 photo for today. Thanks to everyone who voted. :)
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