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Project 365 - Backyard Visitors

Since I am waaaaay behind on posting 365 photos, I'm going to take a few shortcuts, and post some of them together. Days 79, 80 and 81 all go together anyway - photos of recent visitors to our yard. I started putting out millet and cracked corn for the quail, and they seem to appreciate it, judging by how often they've been in the yard lately. Oh, and I think the ground squirrels aren't just visiting anymore - I'm pretty sure they've dug a burrow under one of my lavender plants. They keep scolding me every time I go out into the yard. :D

Day 79: Baby Quail

Day 79: Baby Quail

A few more quail pictures from the same day:Collapse )

Day 80: Ground Squirrels

This is the first time I was able to get a shot of two of them together:

Day 80 - Ground Squirrels

Day 81: All in a Row

Awwww! Look at them - a whole family of chicks, hanging out on the fence:

Day 81 - All in a Row

I love these birds. :)
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