Wendy (here_be_dragons) wrote,

Project 365, Day 90 - Yarn

Day 90 - Yarn, originally uploaded by Here Be Dragons.

I'm going to try and get caught up - or at least caught up part of the way - with my Project 365 entries. Now that my summer course is finished, I actually have some extra time to doodle on the computer (in between packing boxes, that is).

This is the photo from July 3rd. (OMG that's a long time ago). :D I think part of the reason I like knitting and crocheting is that yarn can be so pretty, particularly the colors. I'm not sure what I'll make with any of this yarn, but just looking at it in balls and skeins makes me feel happy.

I like this photo, although I think it could use a bit of adjustment - the colors should be a bit brighter.

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