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Project 365 - Connor Learns to Crochet

This summer, Connor decided that one of his big projects would be learning to crochet. I was a bit skeptical - he's asked about this before, and when I tried to teach him, he lost interest really quickly. This time, though, he was serious . . . and I'm thrilled to say that he has learned to crochet, and he's actually very good at it. Here are a few Project 365 photos which document this journey (I'm sure there will be more to follow; he asked me to buy him more yarn today, because he wants to make things for all his Webkinz plush toys).

Day 92: Connor Learns to Crochet

This is one of his first attempts at learning the stitches:

Day 92 - Connor Learns to Crochet

Day 107 - Crochet Master!

Here he is working on his first amigurumi project:

Day 107 - Crochet Master!

Day 108 - Amigurumi Whirlms

And here they are! He crocheted these whirlms (characters from the "Viva Pinata!" video game) all by himself, with no pattern, and no help from me. I didn't even know he was making the first one until he was almost finished with it. Aren't they cute? And best of all, my little boy crocheted them all by himself. *is proud*

Day 108 - Amigurumi Whirlms

Day 106 - Lego Ground Zero

When he's not crocheting, he's been playing with legos. This is the way his room looked a few days ago. Total lego explosion:

Day 106 - Lego Ground Zero
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