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Project 365 - Wildlife

Here are a few visitors I've photographed lately:

Day 94 - Bumblebee:

Day 94 - Bumblebee

Day 96 - See-Through Butterfly?

This butterfly wasn't really see-through. I had the shutter speed set fairly slow, so when it flew away after I'd already started to take the picture, this was the result. This little fellow was the focus of some excitement in our house - we found him fluttering around inside! Took Connor and I a while to capture him: I tried to "net" him inside a paper bag, but in the end, was able to trap him between the bag and my cupped hand.

Day 96 - See-Through Butterfly?

Day 105 - Red-tailed Hawk

Definitely not the best hawk photo I've ever taken, but it was the best I took on this particular day. :D

Day 105 - Red-tailed Hawk


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