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I've been horrible about updating this journal lately. I do have stuff I to say; I just don't often find myself in the right frame of mind to write it all down. Today, I thought I'd do a quickie update about some of the yarn projects I've been working on lately. I finished two big projects: my afghan (finally!) and a sweater for Connor, plus a variety of other goodies - including some that I can't post about yet, because they're gifts for people who might be reading this. :D :D :D

The biggest thing I finished (and definitely the biggest project I've done to date) is this afghan for my bed. I started working on it back in February of 2007, and I really love the way it turned out! This journal entry shows close-ups of some of the squares. I haven't actually used it on my bed yet; I'm trying to decide whether or not to sew a backing on it, to keep it from getting snagged. But . . . it's finished, and I love it:

The other thing I finished was this sweater for Connor. The skull and crossbones are done in glow-in-the-dark yarn, and it really does glow (although I couldn't get a good photo of it; I was being lazy about camera settings):

Glow-in-the Dark Skull & Crossbones Sweater

I had to make some adjustments to the pattern (which is from a booklet by Bernat) to make the sweater big enough for him. That was a bit scary, but it turned out great! Except that I cast off on the neckline a bit too tightly, so he has trouble getting it on and off over his head. :D

More projects behind the cut, plus cute baby in a sweater photo:

I actually posted about this project before, but not with such a gorgeous model! Here's Mookie in the sweater I knit for her - the first sweater I ever made, come to think of it! Heh. In that photo, she's holding the book with the pattern for the sweater I made for Connor.


This is something I made for myself. I needed a little wallet that I could stuff into my backpack, but also carry around by itself when I wasn't carrying the backpack. So, I crocheted this in one evening, and so far, it's really handy, and I love the colors of the yarn:

Crocheted Wallet

Here's a market bag I whipped together:

Market Bag

And a couple of projects I made a while ago, but didn't post about because they were gifts to people who read this journal:

For yokospungeon


And for tabouli

Babette Blanket

(You can see how much more ambitious I've become over time, between the first blanket and the second one. I find myself a lot more willing to do more complicated projects now that I've got some recent practice).

Now, I'm getting ready to cast on a new project - something for myself. I'm going to make this sweater (http://shop.interweave.com/Central-Park-Hoodie-P204C27.aspx), out of this yarn:

Royal Tweed

(And yes, this means I have to learn how to do cables). :D

Oh, and speaking of photos, in case anyone noticed that I haven't been posting many lately, it's partly because I decided to drop out of doing Project 365 this year. I got about six months of the way through the year, and I really enjoyed it for most of that time. But when school started getting busy, I found that I really didn't have the time or the motivation to go out and do interesting things with the camera, and I was getting really tired of taking random shots of dumb stuff around the house, just to get my picture each day. So, I decided to stop. :) Maybe I'll do it again some other year, as it was really great when I had a bit more time. Not right now, though.
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