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Speaking of books . . . #11 - "The Traveling Hornplayer"

Book #11 for 2004 - "The Travelling Hornplayer" by Barbara Trapido

This was a lovely book, and a pleasure to read, recommended by circumlocute (I hope you're back from holiday, dear, so you see this review)! ::grin::

Now, while I do think it was lovely, it wasn't particularly happy, nor uplifting. It starts off on a tragic note - a death that happened three years in the past which proves to be the connecting thread in the lives of a number of diverse people. The PoV switches between various of these people throughout the book, and it's really interesting to see how the author has woven them all together - including some surprises (both for us, and for the characters involved). It takes place in England, which is a bonus for me, unashamed Anglophile that I am. It's a story about sisters, and family, and love and death and fidelity. Quirky characters, but mostly likeable. The book ends on a bit of a subdued note, as well . . . but it's such an interesting tapestry that I didn't even mind, even though I'm usually a sucker for a "happy" ending. ::grin::

Thanks for recommending this, Kirstin - you're right. I loved this book. :-) And I'd recommend it to others, as well. A very enjoyable read. (Library book)

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