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Getting caught up with Films

I'm not going to write much about each of these - if anyone wants a more detailed review, please comment and I'll provide some additional thoughts. :-)

#18 - Snow White (Hallmark version) - Interesting, but not stellar. Some parts of it were just strange. It does make me want to read the original fairy tale again, though. I'd recommend to someone with an interest in this sort of thing, but not strongly.

#19 - The Order - Interesting, but the ending left me a bit . . . well, dissatisfied. I felt like a few things could have used a bit more clarification. Then again, since the subject matter deals with religion, perhaps they preferred for us to draw our own conclusions. Would recommend, but not strongly.

#20 - Lost in Translation - This was a lovely film, sweet and enjoyable, but not as funny nor as touching as I'd expected it to be, based on all the hoopla. Still, I would recommend it. It's well done, and I enjoyed it, although I didn't lovelovelove it.

#21 - Mambo Italiano - Enjoyed this film; some parts of it are hilarious, but by the end, the tone becomes rather subdued. Still, it was fun to watch. I would recommend.

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