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#12 - "House of Leaves"

After what seems like an impossibly long time, I finally finished my twelfth book for the year - House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski

This was a difficult book to read, but rewarding; I'm glad I made it through. The closest thing I can liken it to is Amityville Horror, but that's really a poor comparison as House of Leaves is so much more than just a horror story about a house. It was really amazing . . . it's written as an analysis of a film that was made about an . . . shall we say . .. "unusual" house, but there is so much other material there - it's very dense, and very cleverly woven together. There's evil and mystery and insanity - and lots of different typefaces and other shenanigans which made it difficult to read, but certainly added to the effect. There were times that I couldn't read for very long - I found it was difficult to concentrate on certain sections for more than 15 minutes or so before my brain stopped processing the information. ::grin:: - other parts, though, went very quickly. It did take me a couple of weeks to get through the book. I would recommend it, though, to anyone who has the tenacity to get through. It's very rich, and very complex, and scary, too. In some ways it's hard to describe; you'd have to read it to understand what I mean. (That's a lame comment to make, and I'm sorry). ::grin::

There is something a bit scary to me that has nothing to do with what I actually read in the book . . . after I finished it, I got online and Googled it, because there was one part I was too lazy to do properly (decode a secret message hidden in some text), so I figured that someone would have done it and put in online (I was right). In fact, I discovered that there's a bit of a fandom for this book - discussing and theorizing. And ARGH! Am I going to let myself be sucked in to another fandom? ::grin:: Hee hee. I think that's the last thing I need. However, there are some questions I have about the book that I'd love to discuss with people, and in reading a bit on the one message board I found, there are some really interesting discussions to be had about this book. It's so dense, and there is so much there - and apparently more there than I'd realised - sections of text which can be decoded to reveal additional information. Stuff like that. The book is not just about a mysterious house - it's a mystery in itself. ::grin:: So, we'll see whether or not I can resist the temptation to go chat about this book with others. I havent' been in the mood to discuss Harry Potter much lately - maybe it's time for a new fandom for me. ;-) (Library book; want for PC)
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