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I have some school stuff to write about, but first I wanted to post about *finally* having gone to see "Wicked" last weekend in SF.

Oh. My. God!

Why did I wait so long to see this? It was amazing! Actually, I know why I waited. I read the book years ago and was completely underwhelmed, so I thought the musical would be disappointing. Boy, oh boy was I wrong!

There are a few spoilery things I want to say, so I'll put the rest of this behind a cut:

Okay! Oh the whole, I thought it was very sad - I started sniffling from the first time we saw baby Elphaba, and I found most of it to be very bittersweet - even the happy parts, and especially the ending. Part of the reason for this is that I wasn't spoiled - I had NO idea that Elphaba was going to survive at the end. (Yeah, I know I said I read the book - is that what happens? I really don't remember. I disliked the book enough that I've put it from my memory, apparently). :D Thinking that Elphaba is going to die certainly colors a lot of the things that happen; I wonder how it will be watching it a second time, and knowing that she really won't die. The ending, though, was still SO sad, though, because of Glinda not being able to know.

Really, that's what I loved about it the most. It is such a beautiful story of friendship between Elphaba and Glinda. The women who played those characters were both fantastic, btw. (And funnily enough, even though my sister said that I completely remind her of Elphaba, in some ways I related even more to Glinda. Especially if I think about the friendship I have with Andrea, I am definitely Glinda to her Elphaba. Haha, yes - strange but true, I am the shallow, yet more "popular" - or at least outgoing - one. And I definitely have more shoes). ;D

I didn't love all of the music (although I did love a lot of it). This was the first time I'd heard any of it, though, so I might come to like it more upon further listening. It's also put me in the mood to re-read some of the Oz books. I read most (maybe all) of them when I was a child, and I have about a dozen of them. Maybe it's time to see if Connor wants to read them, as well - he also loved the musical.

So, YAY "Wicked!" Now I want to go see it again. But seeing as the tickets were $100 a piece, that probably won't be happening any time soon. Ah well. I downloaded the music from iTunes, so I've got that, anyway.

Oh, and I should probably mention that I am wearing my "Defy Gravity!" t-shirt as I type this. :D
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