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This is So Cute!

Hee! One thing I've been meaning to post for ages is this TOTALLY CUTE little animation. No, I can't see that there's any point to it whatsoever. But it's really really cute (I think so, anyway). And C LOVES it! We've been watching it together - sometimes for several minutes at a time, and when it goes out of synch, we start it again. (No, we're not weird or anything, why do you ask?) ::grin:: And now Connor and I sing the song together . . . and make up new words. Oh! It's so much fun.

So, if you've not seen Badger, Badger, Badger, go here. You'll love it. Or you won't. In which case, don't blame me, I told you it was pointless. ;-)

Hee! Oh - C and I like to dance to it, too. It's very catchy. ::grin::
Tags: cool links, silliness

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