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Happy and Sad - Days 14 & 15 - 30 Days of Me

Day 14 - A Photo That Makes Me Angry/Sad:

This is a photo of my maternal grandparents' wedding. I makes me sad for so many reasons: For my grandmother, who died this past year. For my grandfather, whom I never really knew, even though he lived only a couple of miles away from where I grew up, until his death in 1980. For their child, my mother, who didn't have a happy life; and for myself, and the ways in which my mother's unhappiness shaped certain things in my own life. For how happy they look in that photo, and how young, and knowing how their marriage and their lives turned out. For her beautiful dress, made by the sister-in-law who hated her and said horrid things about her often. For World War II, which might have changed my grandfather for the rest of his life, turning him into a abuser. Or maybe he was an abuser before the war. I'll never know, and that, too, makes me feel sad.

Day 15 - A Photo That Makes Me Happy:

This photo of me and Connor was taken on our cruise to Alaska. I really did have a wonderful time on that trip - Connor and I had a wonderful time together - and it makes me happy to remember it.
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