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Take Back the White House

Hi, everyone,

A few months ago, I joined this thing called MoveOn.org, which orchestrates letter-writing campaigns and such about political issues. I just signed up for their latest - a pledge to do what I can to defeat the Shrub come November. I know many of you on my f-list also share this goal, so I thought you might want to join. If you sign, they'll send ideas about ways to help campaign against Shrub in the upcoming election. Every little bit helps, I figure. So, I pledged to spend 2 hours a week doing what I can to get him out of office ASAP.

Dear friends,

President Bush is going on the air with his first campaign ads of the season. I've joined MoveOn PAC's campaign to fight back -- a massive grassroots-driven effort to take back our country in November. I'm hoping you will, too -- you can sign up right now at:

President Bush has already raised hundreds of millions for his bid. Our great hope is in our collective power to get out the vote. We'll work via the Internet, the telephone, and face-to-face conversations with voters. And we'll take back our democracy, city by city, block by block, and voter by voter.

Are you in? Please join me and thousands of others in pledging to help defeat Bush this fall:


Wendy :-)

Oh - and in other news, if you live in California and haven't yet voted, you've got just over three and a half hours left! So, get out there and vote! :-) I don't know about anywhere else - if you've still got time where you live and haven't voted yet, then get on out there, too! ;-)
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