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Sing, sing a song - Day 19 - 30 Days of Me

Oops! I got so involved in playing Dragon Age yesterday, that I completely forgot to post my "30 Days" entry. So much for being caught up! :D So, I'll just post two today. Unless I decide to turn on the Xbox, and forget again. (Haha). I'm on vacation, and it's the first day since getting home from southern California that I actually feel healthy (been fighting a cold), so I'm not feeling too driven about doing much of anything, except relaxing. I have written an entry about that trip, except I'm waiting for photos from my nieces. Might give up on that and post without them, though. Anyway . . .

Day 19 - A Talent of Mine

I often get "accused" of being good at "everything." Which is definitely not true, but I do think that I'm reasonably good at a lot of things. I draw, make jewelry and stained glass, play various musical instruments, write well, take good photographs, get good grades, identify birds, give good advice, knit and crochet, etc. There are some categories of things I'm not at all good at - sports, mostly - and things I don't like to do - like cooking. But mostly, I feel like I am able to do the things I enjoy well enough to really enjoy doing them. If that makes sense. :D

I think I'm good at things for a few reasons. First, I have a good memory, especially for facts and sounds and colors. I also have good manual dexterity. But most important, I am willing to try new things. I know a lot of people who claim to not be able to draw, but when asked if they've ever really tried, they'll say "not since I was a kid." Well, of course you won't be able to draw if you never pick up a pencil. So, I think my willingness to do things means I get credit for having "talents" that most people could have if they just made an effort.

None of this, though, really answers the prompt. So, what is one thing where I think I do have some innate talent that perhaps most others don't have? I'll go with singing. I have a beautiful, strong voice, although I never did a lot in terms of training it. No opera career for me because of that, although honestly, I think if I'd started being classically trained at a young age, I could have gone that route. I'm glad for my singing ability - it means I don't mind picking up a guitar and singing campfire songs, or even being the one to start singing "Happy Birthday" at someone's party. It gives me pleasure to sing when no one can hear, and a different kind of pleasure to sing for others (and knowing that they derive pleasure from it as well). It means I always have an instrument when playing Rock Band, and no one else is willing to pick up the microphone. :D

It also makes me feel guilt, at times. Or maybe regret is a better word. Because I do feel I have a real talent, and maybe I should have put it to better use. I could have made a living with my voice, and while I've always had the confidence in my singing, I didn't have confidence in other ways which would have let me pursue a career of that sort. So sometimes, I feel like I wasted something precious - something I was given that is special - and maybe that's a bad thing. For a while I did make an effort; I was studying vocal performance at Indiana University about 15 years ago. Then we moved from the area, and then I decided I wanted to have a child, and all sort of plans got put on hold and, later, shifted. I'm happy to be studying what I'm studying right now. I know I can make a good contribution to the world as a scientist. Plus, guilt is mostly a useless emotion, anyway. In this case, it surely is, as I can't go back and change things. But sometimes I do wonder what would have happened if I'd had enough faith in myself to do something with my voice.

Either way, if it's ever your birthday, look me up. I'll be happy to sing for you. Or could probably be convinced any other day of the year, as well. :)
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