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Shakesville - Day 22 - 30 Days of Me

Day 22 - A Website

My very favorite website is Shakesville, founded and operated by the amazing Melissa McEwan. The group of people who post stories here cover a wide range of topics, mostly dealing with the various "isms" that are currently causing problems in our society (sexism, racism, ableism, etc), and politics from a liberal veiwpoint. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious, not only are the writers (especially Melissa) wonderful, but there is a great, supportive community which is kept a safe space by conscientious moderation. On your first visit to the site, I'd recommend having a look at the "Feminism 101" page, as well as the "Shaxicon/FAQ." Reading this website has made me a better person - more aware, more active in my community, and more compassionate.


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