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#13 - "Straight Talking" and #14 - "The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Companion"

#13 - "Straight Talking" by Jane Green

I read "Bookends" by this author and really enjoyed it; I was a bit disappointed by this one, though. It's sort of like "Bridget Jones" but not nearly as funny, nor as charming. It wasn't a bad book, and it was a quick and easy read, but I found that I just didn't like the main character well enough to really care about her troubles. In some ways, I think this was the author's intention - it's told as though the main character is telling the reader about her life, and she sometimes inserts comments like, "Well, I'm sure you think I'm an ass after what I did." Well, yes, actually. And, if I'd felt more cameraderie with her, I might not have minded. But I didn't, so I did. (Hee! Did that make any sense)? I don't think I'd really recommend this book. (Library book)

#14 - "The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Companion" by Susan Hansson

As far as I can tell, the author is no relation to Mary Hanson-Roberts, who created the deck about which this book was written. The bulk of the book is card-by-card descriptions of each card in the deck, including a written description of the card, and in some cases some thoughts about the symbolism, plus an interpretation for both upright and reversed cards. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the book - I'd hoped for a bit more in-depth discussion about what Hanson-Roberts had in mind in creating the deck; this, instead, is someone else's interpretation of the cards. Interesting, but not as enlightening as words from Hanson-Roberts herself might have been. Still, the author does have some insights that I found interesting, and I'm sure I'll find this a useful reference when I'm looking for a deeper meaning for particular cards in a reading. I wouldn't recommend it as a general book on the Tarot, though - the card descriptions and interpretations are detailed, but the information about different spreads and ways of using the Tarot is minimal. This would be a decent reference book, but not something comprehensive for someone just starting out. (Part of PC)
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