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Bookrings and Bookrays

I'm starting a few more Bookrings and Bookrays. If you are interested in reading any of these books, please comment here or PM me at here_be_dragons@livejournal.com. These are all international, so if you're not willing to send the book to another country, please let me know - I can't guarantee that you'll be able to participate, but I will try and work you in to the list if I can. I haven't really done any of these before, so I'm going to limit each of the Bookrings to 10 people for now (so that I don't get overwhelmed). I've got four rings/rays starting or continuing:

Bookray - Seat of the Soul

This one of my favourite books ever, written by Gary Zukav, who is a really wonderful, enlighted and spiritual man (IMO, of course). This is a beautiful book which talks about spirituality in a non-religious way. I have a copy of this in my permanent collection, and bought this one specifically to create a book ray, so I could share this book with others.

Bookring - Magic and Healing

Subtitled "The History and folklore of magical healing practices from herb lore and incantations to rings and precious stones." There are chapters on practices in ancient Wales, ancient Ireland, and Britain. Looks like a really interesting book, but I've never got around to reading it. I thought it looked lonely on the shelf, so I thought I'd send it around if anyone would like to read it.

Bookring - American Gods

I enjoyed this book by Neil Gaiman; horror with a sense of humour. There are already two people on the list for this (Maria and Cathepsut), so I'm looking for up to 8 more people who'd like to read this book.

Bookring - DaVinci Code

I have room for 6 more people on this bookring. It's already been to the first person, and will be in the post to the second on the list (my grandmother) tomorrow.

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