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A Few More Films for the Challenge

I haven't been watching many films lately - I've mostly been reading, or watching TV programs that I've Tivo'd. But here are the ones I've viewed since my last film update:

#29 - Schindler's List

An amazing, heart-breaking and utterly inspiring film. I highly highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it. Parts of it are horrifying, but when I realised toward the end that it is *true* story, I was truly awed by the story, and what these people acheived together. Beautiful.

#30 - Waking Ned Devine

A funny and cute film, but nowhere near as hilarious as I'd expected it to be based on reviews I'd heard. Still, worth watching; just not worth going out of your way to watch, IMO.

#31 - Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Rick Moranis annoys me a bit, as did the two older kids (maybe just because they looked *so* 80s), but on the whole it's a cute film. C enjoyed it, anyway, so we watched it several times before returning it to the video store.

#32 - Shrek 2

Fantastic! Went to see this a few days after it opened. A worthy sequel, equally as good as the first film. It's cute and funny - I laughed out loud several times. And Antonio Banderas is sexy even as a cat. Okay, so maybe not *sexy* exactly, but close enough. I'd recommend this film to just about everyone. I loved it. And don't get up and leave when the credits first roll, or you'll miss something *really* cute!
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