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Books 46 through 48

#46 - A Thousand Days in Venice - by Marlena Di Blasi

This should really have been book #43, as I read it after Mr. Maybe, but forgot to include it in my last update. No matter. At least I remembered. ::grin::

This book was not quite what I was expecting, although I'm not sure exactly what I *was* expecting - but I enjoyed it. It's a memoir of a woman who falls very unexpectedly in love with a Venitian man; well, actually, he sort of "stalks" her, and she decides after knowing him a very short time that she's going to sell off her life in the US and move to Italy to be with him. She uses a lot of descriptive language, and I think she captures Venice very nicely from a somewhat unique PoV - she's not a tourist, but not a native, either, occupying a middle-ground which I found interesting. (Especially since I've thought that I might like to live in Italy someday, myself). She discusses food a lot in the book, as she spent much of her life as a chef, and she even includes some of her favourite recipes at the end of the book. It was engaging, although not entirely satisfying, somehow. It has put me in the mood, though, to write some of my own personal history. Who knows? Maybe some of it will even be interesting enough that I could get it published myself one of these days. (Purchased new; have BookCrossed)

#47 - Open House - by Elizabeth Berg

This is a re-read; an Oprah book I read back when she first recommended it. I've been releasing most of my Oprah books, but wanted to read this one again before I let it go, mostly because I didn't remember anything about it. While reading, I remembered things as they came, but I still couldn't remember what was coming up. If that makes any sense. In any case, this was a decent book. I think it was well-written - from the PoV of a woman whose husband has just left her - and it captures the emotional rollercoaster that follows their separation. Berg did a good job of describing the woman's feelings; however, I still found that I didn't really connect with the character. I didn't feel much in the way of empathy or sympathy for her, which might well say as much about my own mental state right now as it does about the book. Even so, I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd hoped. (Purchased new; have BookCrossed)

#48 - Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator - by Roald Dahl

Another re-read, but this one I hadn't read since I was a child. I started it with Connor, right after we finished Chocolate Factory, but he decided about a third of the way through that he didn't like it, so we switched to something else (Alice in Wonderland, actually). But, since I didn't even remember much about the book, I decided to finish it off on my own. It's decent, but not as good as Chocolate Factory, IMO. Somehow, the idea of an idiotic, blundering US president just isn't funny to me right now, considering how much I dislike the man we've got in office right now. And all that stuff about the military guy wanting to blow stuff up. Hardy har har. :-( Of course, none of these reactions are Dahl's fault; I just don't think this book sparkles as brightly as some of his others. (Library book)
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