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Announcements (Hopefully a Little Something For Everyone)

There are all sorts of things I've been meaning to post about over the past few weeks, and I'm finally sitting down to do it - pimping new communities or other interesting things, mostly. Like the subject line says, I think there may well be something here for everybody. :-) So . . . where to start? . . .

I guess I'll start with the "biggie," . . . taking a page from skelkins, (in other words, I'm a big copy-cat, but mine is on a less-impressive scale), I've created an archive of all the posts I've writen theorizing about the Harry Potter books. They're mostly things I originally posted in HPforGrownups, but there are posts from a few other groups as well, plus links to a few things in my LJ. Rather than setting up a free-standing website (which would have required a great deal of effort on my part), I've archived them in a separate LJ, my_hp_theories (which required somewhat less effort, but still more than I thought it would when I decided to do it). ::grin:: Everything is archived chronologically on the date it was originally posted, and in the case of the HPFGU posts, I've included links back to the originals. The reason I've created this archive is mostly because, from time to time, I've wanted to refer back to something I've written (usually to re-post in a different forum), and I was tired of hunting around Yahoo! to find my posts. So, I went on one, last, GIGANTIC hunt, and found them all and archived them in one place. So, if you're interested in reading any of my HP-related ramblings, that's the place to look. I'm planning on doing more work on the journal - I'll gradually organize the entries with bookmarks by subject, and probably make it look a bit spiffier, but all the entries are there now, if you'd like to have a look. :-)

ETA: I forgot to mention that many of you on my f-list will find yourselves quoted here! :-) Have a look at the userinfo page, please, for an explanation of my quoting policy. If you're a member of either RoR or PWP, you may find yourself paraphrased and your name removed (I didn't want to reproduce anyone else's content from a private list without permission). If you'd like to be quoted and named, please let me know, and I'll be happy to make the change! I know this applies to frankie_lee, j_elijah, circumlocute, eris1313, sandydiersing, plus a few others whom I doubt will read this.

Several weeks ago, my friend dawni started a new community called the_happy_list. It's a place for members to post about things that make us smile, or inspire us in some way, so that we can share our happiness, and encourage ourselves to think positively. A few of you have already joined, but I'd love to see more of you there - it's a lovely community. When I'm feeling good, it helps me feel even better; more importantly, when I'm feeling down, it reminds me to look at the good things in life. Some of you already do similar things (like hiddenriver's Thankful Thursdays), and I thought you might enjoy being part of a community dedicated to sharing this sort of thing. I'm enjoying it. A lot. :-)

Another community of which I'm a member, organize, has started a "Get Organized Community Challenge." We'll be doing a six-week program, originally posted on iVillage, which is meant to help us get our lives (and especially our homes) in good order. It's just started today, and you'll find the first exercise in this entry. I thought that some of you might be interested in joining in, and since we're just starting, this would be the time to do it! :-) I've also created a journal to keep track of my exercises and progress, get_organized.

As many of you know, I'm fairly active with BookCrossing, a great site dedicating to sharing books with others. Not too long ago, I discovered a related site, called BookRelay , which takes BookCrossing to another level - it's a new way of sharing books with others who enjoy reading similar books. If you're a member of BookCrossing and haven't heard of BookRelay, I recommend checking it out. I also learned about a fun site called RABCK Roundup, which is a site where BookCrossers can acknolwedge the generosity of other BookCrossers. (RABCK stands for "rare act of BookCrossing kindness). I learned about it when someone nominated me ::happy smile:: It's nice to have a read through and hear about the nice things people have done for one another. And, of course, if you've not heard of BookCrossing at all, I highly recommend it. It's a great site.

As some of you may remember, I was more than a bit skeptical (vehement about my doubts, actually) when I learned that David Thewlis had been cast as Remus Lupin. Well, I'm now very pleased to admit that I was wrong (there's that word again, hedwig_snowy); I was thrilled with Thewlis' performance. He was perfect as Remus, and now, well, I'm feeling the slightest bit guilty about having been so critical of him in the first place. Especally after having read in interviews that he *knew* a lot of people wanted someone "more handsome" like Jude Law or Ewan McGregor. (I didn't want either of them; I wanted Colin Firth, but whatever). ::sheepish grin:: Well, I'm not the only one who feels this way, and in fact there's a new project that's addresing this situation. It's called the David Thewlis Scrapbook Project, and it's a project by fans to create a scrapbook of letters and things telling him that we thought he was PERFECT as Remus Lupin. In addition to the website, there's the dt_scrapbook LJ community. So, if you'd like to show your appreciation for the fine job that Thewlis did as Lupin (assuming you feel he did a fine job), have a look! :-)

And finally, I was in the mood for some new icons, and in my search for artwork, I came across this site, which has seven pages of fantastic dragon artwork, mostly women and dragons. It's where I found the image that's now my default icon, and there will probably be more iconage from art on this site sooner or later. I'm sure some of you (I'm looking at *you*, heathwitch ::grin:) will love this site!

Well, I hope there really is something here for everyone. If not, well, I tried. ::grin::
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