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Here Be Dragons

Off the Edge of the Map

1 August
Welcome to my blog.

An A to Z about me: Artist, birder, curious, dragonologist, earthy, foolish, guitarist, happy, introvert, jovial, know-it-all, lifehacker, mystic, NaNoWriMo winner, "Oblivion" addict, pacifist, quick-witted, Rosicrucian student, soprano, traveler, uninhibited, volatile, wildlife photographer, xenophiliac, yoga teacher, and Zeppelin fan.

Most of my entries are friends-locked, and new friends are always welcome. Please visit my Guestbook if you'd like to read my locked entries. I usually friend back, and this is likely to happen more quickly if you leave a comment saying how you found my journal. :)

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The background image on my layout is the Carta Marina, a "map of the sea" created by Swedish diplomat Olaus Magnus in the early 16th century. I'm using this image in lieu of an historical map with the phrase "Here Be Dragons" because there *aren't* any historical maps which say that. There is one map with the expression in Latin (hic sunt dracones), but it never appeared on any English-language map. Loads of maps had pictures of dragons, though, and this is one of them, and a particularly gorgeous one at that.