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It's the circle of life - Day 10 - 30 Days of Me

Day 10 - Whatever Tickles My Fancy

It's another day where I get to pick what to write about, so I'm going to write about my very favorite "things." It's more of a category, I suppose, rather than something specific, but what I love most in the world are animals.

I have loved animals as long as I can remember, and in a way it seems odd to come out and say that, because for me, there was never a time when I wasn't fascinated with animals and I think for large parts of my life, I just assumed that everyone else felt the same way. I mean they're just so COOL, why on earth wouldn't people love them? Sadly, not everyone does. (I say "sadly" because I think a lack of love and respect for other animals on the part of humans is a major contributing factor to the overconsumption of resources that is happening now on our planet). Really, though, what's not to love? There's an animal to tickle just about anyone's fancy - whether you like things that are furry and cuddly, or scaly, or feathery, fast or slow, majestic or humble, maybe a little bit (or a lot) scary. Or just plain cute. Animals are the reason I am majoring in biology - because I want to help conserve them and their habitats, and becoming a scientist seemed the best way for me to do that. Collapse )